Name Badges

Individually named or titled badges incorporating your school, club or company logo or crest are our specialty. Quality and workmanship is guaranteed.

Metal Crested Bars™

An enamelled metal badge with your crest and any lettering you desire, such as a title, a person's name, an organisation's name, a year, or a combination of any or all of these. Each badge can have a different title and colour. After an initial order (usually a minimum of 25 badges), you can order small numbers of repeats, or even just one if you wish.  Name badges can be supplied with a magnetic catch or pin fitting.  For smaller quantities of name badges we offer the option of producing plastic or acrylic name badges with no minimum order quantity.  Call your local Precision Badges office to discuss the easy options involved in having us make your own name or staff badges for retail, office, school or corporate use.   Depending on the style (metal or acrylic) name badges can be designed, manufactured and on the courier to you in as little as 2 days (acrylic name badges from our Auckland office), or in 2-3 weeks for custom metal crested name and title badges.   

We make name badges for schools, councils, government organisations and hospitals.  Your artwork can be full colour printed or created in enamel paints.  The base metal colour can be gold, silver or black nickel.  Your new name badges can be supplied with a simple pin, roll lock safety pin, butterfly clutch or magnetic catch.

Common name titles include Director, Receptionist, Teacher, Practice Nurse, Whanau Leader, Student Leader and Life Member.

Please note that full colour acrylic name badges are only available via our Auckland office.  Please call 0800 53 53 54 for further information.
All our name badges are made to order, so you can have any size or shape you require!
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Wholesale pricing is available to verified resellers.

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