Car Club Plaques & Badges

Are you a member of a kiwi car club?
Car club plaques, badges and keyrings are some of the types of products we most enjoy producing.
Your local Precision Badges office will work closely with you to produce a badge or car plaque that your club member's will be proud to show on their cars, shirts or set of keys.
Over the past 24 years we've manufactured some great automotive plaques and club badges which have been totally customised to the exacting requirements of car clubs across New Zealand. From unique shaped badges and plaque cut outs, to a huge range of fittings and mounting options. Give us a call and we'll get you started with the making of your very own commemorative car badge, plaque or set of keyrings for the next big car event you're planning.
Remember, these items can also be great fund raisers for your car club. Give your local office a call and discuss the options. We'll help you come up with a great car club badge design for your next event.

Request a quote for your car club plaques and badges here.
Wholesale pricing is available to verified resellers.